Face Masks as fashion accessories - By Karounwi Oladapo

Today, Monday, May 4, 2020 was the first day of the National enforcement of face masking order in Nigeria! Can you imagine the effect of Coronavirus Pandemic in the fashion World?

I drove round the city of Ado Ekiti today. What I saw confirmed to me that we are indeed in a different world! Virtually everybody I saw was in mask.

Painfully, I couldn't recognize beautiful ladies and ugly ones anymore. One can easily mistake some women for  men, particularly the ladies in glasses, after putting on the masks! My sense of admiring good looking ladies has been badly affected. I couldn't diffentiate handsome men from the dregs anymore. We all appeared like masquerades in varying colours of Adire, Ankara, voile lace, Guinea, and even jeans fabrics!

I couldn't find those ladies in make ups, lips sticks and lips glosses ; no thanks to the face masks. Wearing eyelashes and maskara was of no effect by the time you wear your face masks.  Obviously the Coronavirus Pandemic has adversely affected cosmetics business!
(Though while some businesses will go under after the Coronavirus Pandemic, some new businesses will spring up, arising from new ideas and innovation, to meet the challenges of the new World)

Anyway, one good thing about the face masks fashion trend is that the rate of toasting and putting pressure on pretty ladies will go down because men will be restrained since there is not much attraction from the ladies in face masks these days.

It's however better to veil your beauty under the face masks to stay alive than to get infected and be buried with your beauty.

Welcome to the reality of our new World!

Wear Your Masks, Stay Safe, take responsibility and stay alive!


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