Celebrating Rotimi Ojomoyela, A Man of Class, Intimidating Stature

BY Idowu Ariwodola

To God alone be all the glory! My (3 in One), Rotimi Ojomoyela, is plus ONE today. My friend, brother and colleague, who i jocularly call 'aburo', simply because he relunctantly agreed that I took some couple of months from him!

Dear good brother, i cannot but celebrate you because you are a full of life, a dogged fighter, an inocolistic revolutionary, resilient, courageous, dependable, consistent and loyal to a fault. Those who know, will always know. You were not born for your family, not even for your Town or State. You were deliberately born for humanity and selfless service across the land. And, that accounts for why I always tell you at every given opportunity, that you are still advancing more, to the very top.

Without mincing words, Rotimi is unarguably, a pride of the family and journalism professoin. Stoutly and hugely built, he ordinarily commands respect on first sight. He is astoundly fashionable and combines talent with handsomeness and unparalleled brain. A man so drenched in full deep-sea of ideas, I love him for his steady ability to quickly use creativitity and sense of uncommon resourcefulness to solve emerging problems and prepare grounds for unseen ones, and can only wish a wonderful man like him, the best life can offer, going forward. I pray he does not rest on his oars, and will continue to excel in all his undertakings. Amen.

You'll continue to have my support and earn my respect. Have a funfil day my good friend. I celebrate. Cheers!

Idowu Ariwodola is the head of News Agency of Nigeria in Ekiti State.


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