Bode Sowande: I Will Be At Your 80th Birthday - By Chris Omotoso

Yes, two years just like yesterday. I was there, a long chain of activities at Ibadan Arts Theatre.
By sheer providence, I have been part of Prof. Bode Sowande's landmark celebrations...

I was the Secretary of Ogun ANA when the Chapter celebrated his 60th birthday in Abeokuta as one of our Patrons. I was also part of the Ogun team to honour him at Ibadan when he clocked 70 two years ago. I am looking forward to his 80th birthday. I will be there too..

Prof is just an amiable personality that anyone would love to meet. The first impression I had of him since I met him in his  Odu Theme office in January 1998 as an undergraduate hasn't left me. The humility with which such a giant in the literary world, the one I had read a lot about, made a last longing significant impression on me; with no prior notice, he gave me attention as he diligently answered all the questions that an undergraduate student in me was asking him for my research!

Our relationship blossomed when we made him one of our Patrons in Ogun ANA, coupled with his visits and unscheduled lectures with our students at the Department of Theatre Arts,  Federal College of Education Abeokuta.

Prof. Sowande is just a jolly good fellow. Long may you live to witness many more years, Sir. Congratulations.

Dr Chris Omotoso is a former Secretary of ANA Ogun.


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