Oga ni Master! Twale Fayose - By Karounwi Oladapo

March 21, 2020.

In 2012, Fayose reclaimed the Ekiti PDP Structures from those who inherited them during his Political absence between 2006 and 2009.

Those people that lost the Ekiti PDP Structures in 2012 claimed they would rather resign from Politics than to remain under the leadership of Fayose. They likened the situation of Fayose leadership to a vehicle that carries men of character and intellect. Then somebody gives the car key to a drunk and blind driver. They said the best thing to do under that circumstance is to disembark from the car and join another car. Otherwise, they will all perish in the pit. They said to remain in PDP with Fayose was like a journey to Armageddon!

Truly, they disembarked from Fayose PDP car and joined APC car, which they trumpeted to the whole world, has the finest and brightest of the drivers for a safe landing in 2014. They told Ekiti people that they were happy to belong to the club of the OMOLUABIS ; Niyi Adebayo and Fayemi. Ekiti people saw sense in their reasons for the change of Political Party. Ekiti people didn't see their defection as Political opportunism, which recent events proved it to be!

That singular decision to leave PDP for APC earned them the tag of OMOLUABI who refused to bow to the leadership of a Tout and Garage Boy as Fayose was described by them at the time.

In 2020, just 6 years down the line, the same set of Political Wanderers, Political Rolling Stones, Political Prostitutes, Political Nomads and Political Almajiris are set to return back to their vomit, holding on to a very weak and unsubstantiated excuses. They are not committed to Political Morality, Political Principle, Political Ideology, Political Identity and Political Consistency. Political Integrity and Credibility is not in their dictionary!

They had initially thought the PDP Structures would be hijacked from Fayose by the PDP Political Protestants in the current PDP Congresses of 2020 and hand over same to them to prosecute their inordinate and unending gubernatorial ambition in 2022. Trust Fayose, the Master Strategist, he has once again beaten them to their intrigues and conspiracy. He now consolidates his hold on Ekiti PDP Structures.

Confronted with the reality of a Fayose leadership and the fact that they have gone too deep in their unholy romance with the PDP,  they have no option than to come under the leadership of Fayose, they once resented! What a shame!

They are returning to the house of Fayose like a prodigal son, with their tails between their legs and like a weather beaten Chickens.

I think real men should die on their feet than their knees! What political lessons are these set of inconsistent leaders teaching the upcoming generation of politicians? Otunba Niyi Adebayo saw hell in the Progressive parties he has signed on to, as he was marginalized for several years by a domineering tendency within the Progressive fold, he never for once thought of defecting to PDP or any other Parties. Kayode Fayemi suffered humiliation, insurrection and existential persecution in the progressive parties from the same domineering forces, he never contemplated jumping ship. These are my kind of leaders and the leaders Ekiti truly deserves.

Even, Fayose remains with his Conservative PDP, despite his persecution and humiliation by the domineering forces within his Party between 2006 and 2010. There was nothing I didn't do, as a junior brother and friend, to make Fayose defect to my Party ACN between 2008 to 2010 but he refused. That is leadership and Politics of Identity. But how do you place the Political Hermaphrodites?

Fate and destiny do not know Political Parties. God's will for everyone will manifest in due time. If one is destined to be a Governor, God will make it happen, even without a Political platform. Afterall, Chief Earnest Shonekan became Nigeria Head of State in 1993 without membership of any Political Parties or membership of the Nigeria Armed Forces, which are the two conventional means of attaining leadership of Nigeria.

It's not too late to remain where you are! Don't take the plunge! History becons!

Asiwaju Oladapo Karonwi is the South West PRO of APC


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