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Ekiti LG Poll: Group Commends SIEC, Condemns Killing

Ado-Ekiti The State Independent Electoral Commission, (SEIC) has been commended for the peaceful local government election held on December 7. An election which took place in 16 Local Government areas and in 177 wards of the State.

In a statement by the Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC), a coalition of 135 civil society and community based organisations, (CBOs), issued in Ado-Ekiti on Monday, the rights group said preliminary reports indicated that the election was free and fair, representing the true aspirations and expression of Ekiti people.

The group said local government elections are very important in sustainable development since it has a chain value on the standards of living of people in the rural arears.

“Local government elections are critical to the livelihood of indigenous communities. Most civil society concentrate on monitoring local elections while in reality, the local government elections are of critical concern to local people the local government being the f…

Alleged Phone Snatcher Nearly Lynched, Arrested In Ado Ekiti.

Gani Salau

A young man, Tunde Tayo Olatunji would have been linched to death if not for the prompt intervention by a mobile police officer who claimed anonymous at Oke Ori omi, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state capital on Thursday.

 It was alleged that Olatuntunji snatched the phones and cash under the pretence of charm. Noticing the development, the crowd at the slum area of Atikain kain immediately surrounded Olatunji when he was trying to escape.

   Olatunji who is believed to be in his twenties while answering questions denied said he did not snatch a phone as being alleged but it was a disagreement that happened between him and his co gamblers.

According to a witness, it was in the cause of playing the cards and wanted to leave with the proceeds that an alarm was raised and in the course, he was labeled a phone snatcher.

Olatunde was however whisked away on a bike to the Okesa police station for further questioning.