State Police Inevitable, Says Fayemi

Ekiti State governor, Kayode Fayemi has stated that state police was inevitable if Nigeria was to tackle effectively, its growing security challenges. According to him, having one federal police is an abnormality.
Fayemi who stated this while speaking on Channels TV morning programme, Sunrise Daily, noted that Nigeria is the only country in the world where there is one federal police force, which according to him, is not proper.
“I have been an advocate for multiple level police force. There is no federation in the world: Brazil, Canada, US, etc that has one single federal police force,” he said.
“Nigeria has to devolve its police force in order to fight crime effectively. In fact, in some countries, you have police at campus level. If you want to have an efficient police, the police has to be closer to the crime scene. The police has to be someone within the community.”
He noted that to be able to police an environment, you have to have the consent of the people in the environment, maintaining that eventually, Nigeria would have to devolve police.
“You can’t police a people without their consent,” he said. “I think we will eventually get to the point where we must accept that the police must be devolved in other to guarantee security.”
The governor dismissed the argument that state police would be used by state governments as political thugs to fight opposition, noting that such does not arise. He said the police, even as it is federally controlled, can be used for such purposes.
He called for stringent punishment of those who commit crimes, noting that when you don’t punish crime, people feel encouraged to go into criminality.
Fayemi, however, praised President Muhammadu Buhari’s effort in tackling insecurity in the country.


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