Meet the Brain Behind 'Like Stars On Earth' Featuring Tope Alabi

Abasi Femi Oguntayo

In an interview with Abasi Femi Oguntayo, Ifedolapo Afolabi gave more insight about her upcoming musical concert, tagged 'Like Stars on Earth' featuring Tope Alabi and also explained more on the activities of the Ministry, Family of Sophisticated Virtues (FSV), which she founded and what the Ministry entails.

About Ifedolapo
Ifedolap Omotola Afolabi

Afolabi Ifedolapo Omotola, is a young multi talented Nigerian, a certified medical doctor, the founder of Family Of Sophisticated Virtues Ministry, a motivational speaker and a writer. She is loves to motivate and help nurture people’s dreams.


So Tell us about FSV Ministry.

Family Of Sophisticated Virtues Ministry started about 4 years ago. It is an NGO that denotes a family who appreciate love, service, enlightenment, being learned, cultivated, cultured, refined and revolutionary. We also provide platforms where all these virtues can be served back to the society at large.
Why the name FSV Ministry?

The name wasn’t just a random one but it was divinely inspired. Family of Sophisticated Virtues summarizes the vision of the NGO while the ministry part denotes the act of service to humanity.

What Inspired you to start this ministry?

The inspiration behind starting this ministry was God and my love for motivating people around me.

Tell us about the upcoming program “like stars on Earth”.

Like stars on Earth is a Day program happening live April 27th at AB Civic Center, along Adebayo Road, Ado-Ekiti. A program in partnership with Save and Succor. It’s a charity concert and fund raising program for the needy and less privileged.  Musicians like Evang. Tope Alabi, Praise Aglow, Nikky Praise, Dr Precious, The School of the blind and other musicians will be present. We are coming to lift up the feeble knees both spiritually and financially. Come be a part of this great day.

What inspired you to organize such program and what do you stand to achieve or gain from this program?

What inspired me to organize this program is the fact that the society needs to be reminded that everyday can be exciting and fulfilling if we see ourselves as agents shining light to people’s dark worlds.  What we stand to achieve from this program is seeing the society stand up to the challenge and take responsibility to helping the feeble knees.
What should people expect at Like Stars on Earth come April 27th?

To bless all lives spiritually through the invited musicians
Brightening the worlds of the needy and less privileged through the program and also reminding Everyone that we are Lights that cannot be ignored.

Is there any kind of support ( financial, moral, material e.t.c) from somewhere or you’ve been doing this all alone?

The ministry members, family members and well wishers has been supportive though we will appreciate more support from people and organizations.

A word for young people like you out there?

Lets all go out and become stars on earth putting on the radiance of humanity.

Like Stars On Earth Comes up on Saturday, the 27th of April, 2019 at the Civic Centre, AB Foundation Hall, Along Iworoko Road, Adebayo Ado-Ekiti.


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