Memoir; The Gain Can Never Eradicate The Pain By Zouerat Adedoyin Odekunle

In between the suffering and hardship I was going through, my boss would still rape me all night. He would come home and made me pound it round clock like I was a sex machine. During the day, I would work so hard like a slave, hoping to rest at night, but no, my boss must surely find his way, thrust into me unwillingly. He would chain me to his bed and set the video tape to record every single thing he did with me. I don't know what he was doing with them. I still cry my eyes out whenever I remembered how it all started.

"You are my sweet sweet dog!" He would scream loud on me, crazily.

"Can't you run away? It seems you liked it too." Is that not what you're thinking at the moment?
Hmmm... What can a house girl like me do in a country which is not my fatherland. A place I never got to know the in and out. I had no access to any mobile phone and the last time I tried to steal one to sneak a call, I was beaten the way a drummer beats his drum when he is lost in the pleasure of the rhythms.

Eventually, I got tired and gave up on getting help to run away for my dear life. I wanted it all to end. I couldn't take it any longer. Oh! How do I write the series of events happening in my life. I thought I couldn't stop him but could make it legitimate and he could probably treat me right if I become his wife. I didn't know his marital status but I never noticed his relationship with any other woman with before, it's just the both of us in that house.
That night, I prepared myself as good as I could. I looked at the mirror but was disgusted with myself more than a pathway faeces. I left the door wide opened, ready to embrace life the way I find it. I waited patiently for him to come in to my room. But then, I waited and waited and he didn't come.

I woke up the next morning and couldn't believe what happened, the last time that happened was the early days of my stay with him. But no, I didn't give up. I ran to the living room on search of him, I found him on the chair, his eyes were burning like fire. I had no idea  what happened to him. I didn't bother, I went straight to the floor.
"Please, marry me." I said.
"Why should I?" He replied.
"To make everything lawful. At least if you want to..."
"Really?!" He cut in."
I pay you for that! I don't need to tie a knot because I'm fucking paying youuuu!" He screamed like a wild animal he's, before I could sink his words in, he gave me a heavy kick. I met myself in the other edge of the living room
"Idiot!" He said as he shut the door hard. What was i thinking...? That moment, I knew it, I had stupidly over-stepped my boundary. I couldn't lift myself from that corner and yet, he mustn't meet me there. I cried my eyes out. I didn't know what would happen if he's to come back. I kept praying to God to deliver me, that if I ever found my way back to my country, I would never even think of travelling out.

I'd wanted to end my life right there at that spot, but then, I was raised in a religion that forbids killing oneself. And if I even die at that spot, it won't be a good end for me.
To my greatest surprise, he came back with Madam Shade, the woman that helped me process my travel and secured the job to work as a maid to the beast, for me.
She sat with him at the living room.  I brought a glass of juice and placed it on the table. I greeted them both and headed to return the tray.
"Go and pack your things and let's go." She said in my mother tongue.
I didn't believe my ears. I was flabbergasted. I managed to lift my legs and walked in. But not to my room yet, I stood behind the door to eavesdrop their conversation. Then it occurred to me that it was my earlier request that most have triggered it. I wish I'd known this trick sooner than now.

I heard him telling her that I had gone crazy and that she should send him a new girl. On hearing that, my head ached. I would never pray for such life for my enemy. I pity the incoming innocent young girls. Madam Shade told him not to worry. She said she would send someone better and emphasized on the payment. She was more concerned about the money.
"It's true she hasn't used up to the money you paid but it is you who didn't want her anymore, Madam Shade retorted. In that case, the money can't be refunded. New girl, new deal." She said.

That was how I left the beast palace. While we were in the car going to her house, I asked her when I would be going home.
"You're not going home now." She replied.
"Yes, I know, I can't go home today, I stuttered. I understand you are going to put one or two things in place, but when exactly would it be?" I asked.
"I don't know. Until you pay all the money I used to help you to process your travel, then you're free." She said bluntly.

"Ahhh! Madam! I have used over a year already. From my calculations, your money is completed and you're the one owing me now."
"Will you shut up! You are not free yet. When I am through making my money on you, then you can go wherever you want to. You see, baby, you will stay with me for the rest of this week. If you missed your parent that much, I will give you a phone to call your parent and talk to them and you will resume to your next place of work next week Monday." She concluded.
"Resume where? I was shedding tears as I asked. "Do you have the idea of what I went through at the place I just left? Do you know how many abortion that man did for me? And you said I would resume somewhere else? I am tired! I beg you in God's name, keep the money and send me home..."

"Ohh! To become someone in life, you have to make sacrifices. That's yours. I have gone through some thing worse..."
"Madam! So, I am the sacrifice for you, I mean we young girls are your stepping stones to success? This wasn't what you promised me...
I cried. I still had a lot to say but kept quiet. I was just looking at her. "Is this the same Madam that I knew in Nigeria?" I said to myself. It's so surprising how people change.
I recollect how it all started. I met Madam Shade during the annual Founders day and Old students' reunion in my Secondary School. I was the social Prefect Girl  then, so I was in charge of most things pertaining to Students during the ceremony.

After the program, she commended my activeness and gave me a tip and also her phone number to call if I needed anything. I was happy and told my parents when I got home.
After my secondary school education, I found it difficult to further more, then I remembered her. I called her and told her I wished to obtain UTME in order to further my education but my parents were cash-strapped. I wish she could help me.
She said she would and  could send me abroad to study if it's welcomed by me. On hearing abroad, my ears widened. (Ilu Oyinbo) I was overwhelmed. I agreed instantly. My parents were present while I was making the call. They couldn't hide their excitement also. She came over to meet my them, for further discussion. All necessary arrangements were made and that was how I met myself here. I came here, alas, story changed.

As we got home, I was sad all through. I was not happy with the new development. I met other girls, some were frustrated as I was, some had accepted that life, you will see by the look in their faces while some had no idea of what they are going into, their innocence speaks volumes. I pitied them, envisaging what would become their experience as events unfold.

She showed me my room where I met a lady, Chioma. She's in her late twenties. She looked so horrible. Without saying any words we knew we were going through the same thing. As we were about to start a conversation, Madam called me out. I went to meet her, she showed me a phone and said she had purposely set it aside for me and that I could use it to communicate to my parents, under her supervision, shortly.

"When you came to pick me in my home in Nigeria, you didn't tell me all this. You said you just wanted to help me. You said I would go to school and become rich. That I would have a better life and take care of my parents and family. You didn't say you were coming to use me as sex-pot for paedophiles. I trusted you and you destroyed my whole world. Thank you very much, Ma. May God reward you abundantly." I concluded.
"When it's time, I will call you.You rest till weekend and start your new place of work next week Monday. You can leave now."

Like seriously? This woman had no conscience at all. She still had the effrontery to talk tough, after all that I had said. I left her room and headed to mine.

On getting to my room, Chioma's arm were already waiting for me. My eyes were soaked in tears. She gave me a hug.
"That's how wicked she is." Chioma said.
"Haa...if you know what I have gone through...
"You don't have to explain to me. I know what you're going through. I also did not know this is the kind of life she brought me here to live. I just wanted to struggle a bit and go back home. I was living a comfortable life in Nigeria, infact Madam Shade is one of my customers. I am a fashion designer. But whenever she comes to my shop like that, she usually make different phone calls and talked about travelling. So, one day, I asked if she was a travelling agent. She said yes. So I told her I wished to leave Nigeria and asked if she could help me. She said yes, that's her job and I gathered money and she processed it. She said i would get a nice job as soon as I get here and start a new better life. My dear, here I am today, worse than a slave." She concluded.

That was when it dawn on me that not only poor people fall in to their trap. If I complained about not having money, what of auntie Chioma who singlehandedly sponsored herself. I think it has to do with our mentality. Whenever people like auntie Chioma and I heard about abroad, our common sense and sense of reasoning is eradicated. We just wants to go without giving it a second thought and taking our time to find out things about where we are going. I thought.

"We only need to focus on how to get out because we are stucked here already." Chioma said
"Do you think we can ever get out?" I asked with hapless look.
"Nothing is impossible for God to do." she replied.

Then at that spot, we planned on what to do. The only chance we had was my parents. Since she was going to stay with me while on call. we planned that Chioma creates a sort of distraction while the call was going to catch her attention so I would quickly brief my parents. Since they knew her family in Nigeria. Glory be to God! Things went as we planned. My parents went to my secondary school to report to the principal, the principal informed the Old Students' Association. From there she was called. We and the other Girls were brought to Nigeria. That was after they had threatened her that if we used another 24hours in that country they would report her to appropriate authorities and her name would be on the News across the world.

We came home and all our money were given to us. She was handed to the police for further interrogation.

I got my gain but the pain remains. A lifetime scars it left on me. Indeed, in all manner, the pain supersedes the gain. It's a pain I would never want my worst enemy to pass through. That's why I have taken my time to tell you my story, perhaps, you might learn.

*Campaign against Human/Child Trafficking; dangers and damages, a recurring decimal.*

This story above  is the glimpse of what is happening to girls/ladies mostly in the Arab Countries. Girls who left this Country searching for green pastures, hoping that if they get there, their lives would be better. But, they forgot that most times, the grass is greener from the other side.

Some people who are bosses in their homes here, who can afford 3-square meals daily, would go there and become slaves. Working endlessly without rewards.

Have you been trying to leave the country and it's not working out and you're feeling dejected, rejected and sad about it? Hmmm, you don't know maybe God didn't want you to experience something like this. They will promise some European Countries and get them stucked in Libya.

Government should also intervene in this situation. We have been receiving different videos of how Nigerian girls are being treated in these countries. It is really very sad and disheartening. All this wicked agents should be arrested and interrogated.

Anti Human Trafficking Laws should be implemented, maybe that would be a caveat and corrective measures to the incessant cases of human and child trafficking in Nigeria.

Government should also be able to monitor how her citizens are fairing abroad, through alignment with those Countries. A reasonable Country will be concerned and interested in defending the rights to life of her citizens.

Zouerat Adedoyin Odekunle is a Dental Nurse and Writer.

Please share to create maximum awareness. You may be saving a life and lives.


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