Yoruba's 2023 Presidential Bid - By Gbadebo Adeagbo

Osinbajo's stance that the Yoruba group of the country should see beyond 2019 reelection bid of his principal ---President Muhammadu Buhari, but rather consider the 2023 opportunity the Yorubas might have to secure the topmost seat as worthwhile. In any part of the world, electioneering periods are meant to examine chances of politicking, shenanigans, or any other means the electorates may be convinced that the central seat belongs to their heir even as all pretends to seek for national's interest. This is just one of the ways of setting one's foot on a pedestal of acceptance and not in any way a concocted whirlpool that will only meant to misinterpret the objectives of osinbajo's stance. 
For the avoidance of doubt,he has spoken the truths many of which our political class fails to say. He has shown that his primary assignment is to serve his people's first and to place their destiny in a glorified platform. It is rare however that, in our more tensed political atmosphere one of the most influential persons in the country could give a charge to his people not minding the subsequent jabs and condemnations. 
In his word during his visit to Alaafin of Oyo---- as documented by the Vanguard newspaper tagged" Buhari's reelection,Sure ticket for Yoruba in 2023" made an instructive revelations to Yorubas that it is better to utilize this opportunity than throw it away out of ignorance as a result of petty offers."Yoruba have a crucial role to play in the 2019 elections so ensure that APC wins. We are looking at 2023.If we don't do well in 2019, the opportunity might evade us. We should be forward looking and not spoil our future by allowing those who had plundered our nation to come back".----He stressed

Even as the truth becomes glaring in the midst of various socio-political groups,those who are keen with the progressive agendas of the Western's political philosophies are never in doubt that the statement uttered by the second in command of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is for the interest of all. To reveal further the justification of his statement, the director of voice of Nigeria, said osinbajo's comment is a wake up call to the Igbo." Our vote for Buhari will engender the support of his mass followers in the north, for Buhari has a vote bank of 10 to 12 millions voters, which is a big arsenal". Sadly, the truth is bitter and can only take one with critical thinking to evaluate the consequences of his statement beyond ethnicity or tribalism. The VON director who is from southeast understands that the Igbos also have the entitlement to ---slug it out with the south westerners in a free and fair primary election come 2023 without prioritizing emotional attachment to national issue.

But the division in the Afenifere bloc is solely a product of uncertainty by the decision makers. Those who are mischievous will only see bad in the progress of one's kinsmen in the light of political struggle. When does Afenifere reduced self to ambiguity on a decision that clearly defines the progressiveness of the Yorubas?. The real faction of Afenifere is bitterly opposed to Buhari's reelection bid over promises from the Conservatives with inconsequential offers. A faction led by Pa Ayo Fasanmi was on Dec 20,2018 in Ibadan endorsed the candidatures of the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket. According to the spokesman, he said,any other group not with the Yorubas in the decision and our choice were usurpers as well as renegades.Those present in the meeting were former Governor of Oyo state Omololu Olunloyo, Prince Tajudeen Olusi, Prince Biodun Ogunleye among others.

Yet, the Ohanaze Ndigbo was arrogantly apposed to this development citing instances that are not genuine within the political world. The present political arrangement in Nigeria has continued to show federal character and oneness. The Igbo socio-cultural group shouldn't be told that the South which is next zoned for presidency is between the two biggest tribes and that the duties of various groups in the South should be for the interest of their respective heirs. The Igbos--- somehow have viewed the Yorubas as enemy, through subject of discord being planted in the minds of the growing ones in the East. They have tagged the Yorubas as betrayal for our mistrust as they professed.

Obasanjo's comment that the Igbo should not be deceived by the ruling APC shenanigans is an height of disloyalty to one's kinsmen. He has reportedly tagged his brothers and sisters as deceitful whom should never be taken serious. Why has it gotten to the stage of opposing the progress of a brother from your state?. Perhaps, he has seen that his unsavory motives about the present day government wasn't met. For any one to show support for any candidate in politics, the reasons have to be on the premises of religion, tribe, gains, and without prejudice to become more relevant in decision making upon electioneering victory. What Obasanjo has done is an attempt to foil the chances of the Yorubas in 2023 by deliberately working against them without ungrounded reasons.

Without doubt, Osinbajo's comment have been rated more controversial since the start of the presidential campaigns. The dilemma we are literally engulfed with is an attestation that there's still time for Nigerians at large to draw their plans ahead the general election. Those whose Osinbajo's comment have queried there moral compass still have time to seek a redress. Howbeit.one of the beauty of democracy is seeking to put contestants on their sincerity rather than jocularity in the name of scrutiny. Even as this criteria seems more wanting in the political space of the country anybody who is conversant with the day to day running of the government---perhaps through media will know that Osinbajo's comment bears the ideal cardinal point of nationalism.

While still dwelling in the euphoric and dysphoric consequences of osinbajo's statement, it's important to dissect the historical basis of why the south has never been in concord since the post Independence era. It was on record that the western region failed to join force with the East to perfect the "secession deal". But the consequences of Awolowo's opposition were seen as betrayal by the East who seems to have initially opined to have sealed a deal with him. It is also to note that the two dominant tribes from the South are interested in a country that is working perfectly. While one see the reason to go, the other see why to stay and strive in a country which is believed to belong to all. History students should be made to know that the genesis of this disagreement between the West and the East is a consequential effects of Awolowo's stance that one Nigeria is what is needed to move the nation forward. Little had this happened that Awolowo was heavily humiliated by the East during the second republic election held in 1979.

The youth---especially from the South West would have taken there time to peruse the happenings in the country for the past years. Those who truly or genuinely appreciate the  plethora share the youth have in nation building and those who can only incite fury and disaffections through unguided history. The youths can only secure a good future with the position of Professor Yemi Osinbajo that power should shift to West through collective efforts. The achievement of the vice president coupled with his statement are justifiable and so be treated painstakingly with sheer energy. The youths occupying about 70% population of the entire Yorubas can either mar or make the assertions of the vice president within a blink of an eye. Generally speaking, the youths have a major stake in the next year political configuration of the country and very importantly the 2023---presidency. It is expedience that the youths are reoriented to understand that Osinbajo's comment is not only a gospel truth but a real talk that is expected from the leader of the Yorubas. Through deceits and acrimony ,Yoruba youths have been subjected  to ridiculously see reasons why the ruling party is driving the country to precipe-- through the perceived uneasy struggle in the country caused by the PDP misrule. Failure of the youths to realise that the coming of the PDP is the beginning of complete destabilization of the country---how can youth therefore progress in a political atmosphere that siphon public funds?.Thus, the bad old days is therefore gone and should never be allowed to see the light of the day.

In the last vice presidential debate, professor Yemi Osinbajo vehemently said the treasury of the state can not be lavish by elements of discord . The debate however shown that the vice president is better positioned to tackle the problems of the nation if given chance in the nearest future. His achievement therefore as the VP cannot be contested by any vice president in the history of Nigeria's democracy. It is on record that his economic development team have continued to manage the economy of the state amidst fluctuations in the oil price in global market. The recent trader moni scheme is the highest form of humility to relate with the commoners and give-out to support their business enterprise. We should never forget that at a time in the country the vice president of Nigeria was traced to various fraudulent activities even while still serving as the vice president. Therefore, Osinbajo possess the moral compass to tell his kinsmen that all hands must be on deck for a Yoruba presidency to be actualised by 2023.

The Yoruba bloc being the largest and the most populous tribe from the South has all the resources to prosecute the ideas of Professor Yemi Osinbajo to become reality. He should therefore not be misquoted as inciting tribalism or ethnicity. Boss Mustapha utterance that Igbo presidency is sure if they support Buhari is valid given that any flag bearer of a party must always undergo series of test which must be passed. In all , Osinbajo has spoken his mind as a responsible leader not minding criticism or fear of intimidation. A word is enough for the wise.

Gbadebo Adeagbo writes from Ado Ekiti.


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