VOX POP: JKF's 100 Days In Office, Your View? (Click To Drop Comment)

Abasi Femi Oguntayo
The Kayode Fayemi administration will be 100 days in office tomorrow, Thursday, January 24th, 2019 and there have been various activities lined up to mark this day.

Tomorrow, the governor will be flagging off the New Iyin Road and the launching of the Youth Empowerment program, to commiserate his 100 days in office.
This shows that the government of Dr John Kayode Fayemi is actually ready to work and restore the values of Ekiti people.

However, it is Germaine to know how the people feel, by sampling their opinions on the achievements of the governor so far, since he was sworn in on the 16th of October, 2018.

Below are some of his major achievements during his 100 days in office. 

100 Days In Office: Achievements of the Dr John Kayode Fayemi's Administration so far...

1.  Tour and proposed renovation of key projects sites across the state which were scandalously abandoned by his predecessor .

Among which were: Multi billion naira Ikogosi Resort and the Ire-Ekiti Burnt Bricks Industry that were abandoned by the previous administration. 

2. Prompt Payment of Workers' Salaries and pensions of retirees. It's very important to note that, Fayemi had paid four months salaries within three months of his assumption of office.

3. Restoration of the payment of the West African examinations Council (WAEC) fees for 13,000 final year students in public secondary schools,

4. Purchase of 3,000 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) forms for Ekiti youths and procurement of 552 laptops for selected secondary schools.

 4. Approval of N227 million ( Two Hundred and Twenty Seven million naira) for the registration of about 13,390 SS3 students in public schools who will be writing the May/June West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) this year.

5. The governor has released a sum of N146 million for the payment of Rural Teachers Allowance and Core Subjects Allowance to teachers in its employ.

6. Core Subjects Allowance paid to public school teachers teaching Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology 

7. Rural Teachers Allowance is paid to teachers who offered to serve in rural communities.

8. Release of N200 million as loan for car and housing to teachers.

9. Payment of the special allowances covers three-month arrears of October, November and December 2018.

10. Flag-off of a $56million Ero Dam turnaround project with an assurance to meeting 85 percent water needs of the people of the state.

And so on.... 

Above are some of the major achievements of the governor in just 100 days in  office, what are your opinions about all these? 

What are your words for the government of Dr John Kayode Fayemi ?

Drop your opinions in the comment box below


  1. The JKF government is really here to deliver, we hope all these will continue. God Bless Ekiti State

  2. The 1st 100 days in office of the Executive Governor of Ekiti Dr. John Kayode Fayemi is here, WE ARE VINDICATED, Campaign promises are being kept on a daily basis.
    On behalf of Myself and all progressive minded indigenes of Ekiti State we say thank you JKF for restoring sanity to our land, and Our values being restored after Our land had been reclaimed
    We say a big thank you to you and all your cabinet members so far so good.
    We all know that you are a fighter and a goal getter that was why we decided to give you the most challenging job in Our lovely state.
    If I decide to write an epistle of the projects that you've put in place for the benefit of your people we'll continue to write endlessly (Well we are not surprised).
    I would love to refer to an adage which says "to whom much is given much is expected", I'll say with all boldness that the past administration in Our dear state disappointed most of us, especially the elites, Ekiti State is being referred to as the fountain of knowledge but it's rather unfortunate that Our knowledge and honour was taken for granted and we were treated as hungry minors in Our State by the people whom we trusted with the mantle of leadership.
    Some projects were neglected by your predecessor for no justifiable reasons but you've revived some of the projects and still working on bringing the remaining ones back to life for the benefit of Ekiti people.
    I would love to commend the present administration that is being led by Dr. John Kayode Fayemi once again for the giant strides it has taken towards infrastructure, Education and in all facets.
    I would love to use this medium to tell all Ekiti people that the only thing we all need to do at the moment is to enhance the rapid development of Our Dear State by supporting all APC candidates, the fact remains that JKF has put the people first in all His dealings, not minding the fact that He is dangling until the 2019 elections is over.
    Another giant stride of the present administration which needs to be applauded by all Ekiti people is the fact that the Governor Himself is not a corrupt leader just as the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, President Mohammad Buhari, this He has proven by blocking all financial loopholes by bringing back the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which His predecessor didn't embrace but threw into the trash bin due to some dubious intentions.
    Once again I'll say we are VINDICATED and we all who supported and canvassed people to vote for Him can move freely in the heart of the towns once more to draw support for other APC candidates in the forthcoming elections because Our principal has done meritoriously well and He has not failed us.
    When the leader of the State is at peace, the whole State tends to be at peace as well, the Only step we all need to take in order for us all to be at peace in Ekiti is to support and Vote for all APC candidates.
    On behalf of all the Youths in Ekiti, we say thank you JKF, the present administration has shown that the youths comes first and we do appreciate the fact that a Government that has the interest of the youths at heart is finally in place.
    I want to urge the youths in Ekiti to appreciate the giant strides of the Governor in ensuring the encouragement and involvement of the youths in the present administration in the State.
    Once again Our conclusion is that the 100 days in office is here. WE ARE VINDICATED.

    Olusakin E Femi.
    Assistant Secretary Ward 12, Ado Ekiti.

  3. To be frank, i must say, that this government is working, if the spirit can continue like this, i believe in the next 3 years, Ekiti State will be working again. Kudos to JKF and his cabinet members. We believe in what you are made of sir, we put our trust in you. Keep on the good work!!!

    - Adeyinka Omolara (Ijero)


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