Talent Discovery: Meet Little Sodeinde, the 10-year Old Saxophonist


Abasi Femi Oguntayo

Just as the NUJ were rounding up this year’s Press Week with a dinner, which marks the grand finale of the Press week at AB Hotels and suits, along Olora quarters in Ado-Ekiti, a fresh talent was discovered.

Daughter of one of the journalist at the event, Mr Gbenga Sodehinde, Precious Sodehinde came on board to entertain the audience at the event that night. Her performance at the event was one of the memorable things that happened at the event, as everyone was amazed by the manner in which this young girl handled the saxophone.

The little girl was said to have been invited for performances in and outside the State. No doubt, this is one talent discovered and must be developed, because tomorrow, she will be making Ekiti State proud.

Fountain Newsbreaker had a brief interview with the fresh talent to know more about her and to know what and who inspires her to play the saxophone. Enjoy this short interview with her:


What is Your Name?
My name is Precious Sodeinde, popularly known as Pre-Sax.

What inspired you to learning the saxophone?
I was inspired by some little children I see on the television play the saxophone, then I told my dad I was interested in learning it. My dad then connected me to my master who had been teaching me. Since then I have become a star, people are inviting me to concerts, churches, shows in and outside Ekiti State.

What is the name of your master?

Are you parents supportive?
Yes, they have been supporting me.

Since when have you been blowing the Saxophone?
It has been a year now, since last year.

So what is your word for little kids like you?
They should never relent; they should notice their talents and inform their parents about it. They should start building their talents now, because Rome was not built in a day.

You can Contact Sodeinde on: 07089591727 or 08035757928


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