Exhibition of violent laws; a panacea to the menace of domestic violence - By Odekunle Adedoyin Zouerat

I woke up on a hospital bed feeling very weak. The pains on my left eye mixed with a headache too, made me very uncomfortable.

As I tried to open my eyes, I noticed I could only open my right eye; the left eye was covered up. I felt a lot of pains! I looked to my right and saw my mother and a couple of neighbours and friends.

"How are you feeling?" They asked. I just nodded my head as the pains were too much that I could not say anything. "How did I get here?". I managed to ask. One of my neighbours said that they heard me screaming.

"And before we could come around, you were already in the pool of your blood", finished up, my closest neighbour, still examining the cuts on my face, rather pitifully. My husband had run out of the apartment through the back door with my two kids.

I tried to remember what happened that day. First, my mind was flat; no memories. Then, I began to concoct as those lost memories were coming back little by little.

It was 6pm on a Tuesday evening. I had just closed from work. It was really a  busy day. Too much job to do and too little time around.

This only meant that I had to skip my usual afternoon break. To be sure I got the best out of the little time, I also distanced myself from my cellphone. I needed to finish up everything before the end of my working hours.

I left work tired. I had to rush home to prepare dinner for my kids and husband. My husband lost his job few months ago so I was the one providing for the entire household. When the taxi moved, not quite long, my phone tossed upon my body. I grasped it.

 My husband must have been calling all the while; it was fifteen missed calls -all from him. I tried calling back to tell him I was on my way home, but his cellphone was switched off.

Few minutes later I got home, I made straight towards our apartment and pressed the doorbell. The door opened and the figure of my husband zoomed in from behind it. He asked why I wasn't picking the calls.

I explained as hard as I could but he wasn’t convinced enough. He slapped me and accused me of lying to him. I sobberly asked him to call a friend of his who works in same firm with me. Alas, that too didn’t work. He gave me another slap and accused me of being with another man.

 Each additional attempt at explanation, landed a new slap on my cheek. I was cautious enough to look above myself after the last attempt, oh, it was to be a thunderous slap, quite out of size with the earlier ones, I blocked it which I later realized was my gravest mistake. He was annoyed beyond measure.

 He pushed me and I fell, gasping for breath because it was shocking as I couldn't fathom what had brought me to that level of misfortune. I rose to my feet and tried to run out of the door but he grabbed me. He pushed me to the ground once again and I fell so hard this time around as I was unable to stand to my feet.

 He climbed over me and started to punch me on the face. I shouted and begged but it changed nothing! I tried to explain that he was misjudging me, but all fell on deaf ears.

By some powerful force of luck and last strength of mine, I was able to push him off me. I tried to run out of the house, but he had locked the doors and he held the keys with him. He chased me around while I roamed, running helter skelter inside the house, trying to escape.

He took a bottle, hit it on the wall and threw it at me. Straight it went into my left eye. I could not see. I could not open my eyes. I kept shouting with degrees of mixed pains. I kept begging him to leave me alone but yet, he remained obstinate to his adamancy.

Not even the thought of the pains or the sight of the blood gushing out from my eye was enough to stop him from beating me the more. He held me very tight, squeezed me and hit me more and more.

 This cycle continued for at least as long as I remained conscious, but the rest of the suffixing stories could have been told by CCTV camera; had we any in the room. It was indeed a day synonymous with crucifixion but didn't know when I became unconscious.

The story above is the personification of the term domestic violence.

Sadly, for every of the story of domestic violence told, hundreds of others had happened and still happening to the voiceless women/Children, and thus, been swept under the carpet. This is why we must all cry out more louder.

What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is the situation when someone uses force to instill his or her will on someone else, violently, usually in a domestic setting such as marriage, cohabitation or relationships. Abuse may be physical (this is the highest case), emotional or psychological.

The effect of domestic violence includes; psychological trauma and physical breakdown. In extreme cases, it may also result into homicide.

Although, domestic violence can come from both genders, the female folk are more susceptible to this happenstance via family related violence.

If you have a violent family life that has defied all civic solutions, the nugget is: don't stay just because you love him or her. If you do, you might end up losing one of your eyes like it happened to the woman in the above story and who knows maybe you will lose something even more important than the parts of your body?! What if the resultant effect appears to be death?! Report to the nearest appropriate quarters or relevant authorities; if you find yourself in the confine of domestic violence. Do not bind yourself with it. Do not adapt to safe your relationship, as various people have ignorantly lost their lives and become handicapped.

Report such cases of abuse of rights and domestic violence to the authorities.

The government also needs to do more than is currently doing in curtailing the menace of domestic violence to help save and purge our society of the vast cases of the wrong domestication of the human folk.

Violent and tough policies should be put in place to check these ravaging hazards.

Anyone found guilty of domestic violence should be arrested, tried and sentenced by the court of law without an option of fine.

Stop domestic violence against women, men or children. They are humans and not animals or punching bags. Even animals have the rights not be subjected to domestic violence in the western world.

Odekunle Adedoyin Zouerat writes in commemoration of Ekiti State 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.
Sunday, 9th Dec, 2018.


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