Divine Intervention Saved My Life From Stray Bullet During JKF Welcome Rally - JIMLAS, APC Rep Aspirant

Introduction for the sake of those reading for the first time

Hello Ekitikete, the fountain of knowledge and great people of Ekiti state. My name is Otunba Kayode Omotayo Fasae popularly called JIMLAS from Ise Ekiti in Ekiti State. A father, Husband, Mentor, philanthropist, and advocate of grassroots empowerment. My stand on issues at hand is better summarized using my last name as an acronym; Fairness, Accountability, Selfless Service, Advancements & Economic Vitality. (FASAE)
One of my mantra (guiding principle) in life is a quote from Jonathan Lockwood “it is not hard to be a good person, just give a little more than you take - each day. Do a little something for someone less fortunate. Do a little something for future generations yet unborn.
Prior to joining politics, I was in the Banking sector where I rose to the position of Assistant General Manager overseeing the south- west region (including Kwara & Lagos Island). I believe all of my life career path and life experiences have adequately prepared and positioned me for the task of effective leadership translatable to a better life for my people
I am currently seeking the mandate of my people in Ekiti South 1 Federal Constituency to represent their interest in the upcoming general election under the banner of All Progressive Congress. (APC)

Political experience

Even though I have never contested any elective political position, I have always been involved in the business of deploying all my God- given resources of money, time and experience towards a better future for my constituency in the area of good governance, advocacy, empowerment, poverty alleviation and quality living. In addition, I have always been a voice of reason and wise counsel to those vying for active position, especially in my local government.

What inspired you into politics?

As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for goodmen to do nothing.” Having had to resist the call to be in politics many times, however, we are at a point where those who can do a better job cannot sit in the sideline any longer.  This is the time when we need  a fresh approach and new directions towards a more effective representation in Ekiti south and this we shall provide by God’s grace.
If politics is primarily showing interest in the people and consistently looking for ways of moving them forward, empowering them and improving their standard of living, and if I have always pushed for the progress of my people everywhere I go, it is logical and expedient for me to volunteer myself to serve my people with the best of all that I have and this we shall do by the grace of God. So my inspiration comes from the desire to do more for my people in a more vantage position of authority, and so help me GOD!

In what areas have you improved the lives of your constituents as a former House of Assembly member?

The people in my constituency will be in a better position to answer this question because the fruits speak for themselves. Throughout my entire life, before venturing into politics, I have always believed in grassroots empowerment and service to mankind and have dedicated my entire resources to doing this.I have consistently been involved in philanthropy and have empowered hundreds and thousands of lives in scholarship, small business setup, employment and supports in various ways.

What would you say about your experience with the shooting scenario during the welcoming ceremony for the Governor-elect at the party secretariat?

First, I pray for the souls of those who lost their lives to rest in peace and their family find comfort, Amen. The shooting experience reinforces my faith in the absolute power of the almighty God, who alone preserved my life till today. I was standing shoulder to shoulder beside my dear brother Opeyemi Bamidele, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Prince Adeyeye and other party leaders when the incident happened and pandemonium broke out.
Outside the divine hand of GOD, courage and quick thinking saved my life that day. I saw Opeyemi Bamidele falling to the ground and while I was reaching out to help him, I noticed my body too was wet and then I noticed blood on my clothes. When this happened, all I could do was to figure out the fastest way to help myself because everywhere was in a disarray. I struggled through the crowd, somehow got myself on an Okada who drove me to the hospital. If i had not taken the initiative to help myself, it would have been too late due to the commotion around me.

In retrospect, I realize this it is part of the price we all paid towards liberating our dear state from the clutches of years of misrule. This incident reinforces the humane side of our leaders who supported and stood by me, especially our governor-elect who did not just call me, he spent money and visited me three times at the hospital while on admission.

What are your plans for your Federal Constituency, if elected?

Currently, Ekiti State is facing myriads of problems such as unpaid salary arrears, unemployment, overdependence on government, poor educational standard and negative effects of misrule on the youths.
When elected, I will help provide a visible, strong, and productive representation which has always been lacking since the creation of this state. This I will do by leveraging on my core skills in engaging and currying developmental projects and implementing projects that will translate to improved standard of living, better healthcare, employment, education and social amenities for the people of my constituency.

My agenda is better summarized as Fairness, Accountability, Selfless Service, Advancements & Economic Vitality. (FASAE)
In the coming days and month when our campaign efforts would begin to gather momentum, and the electorate prepares to go into the voting booth on September 19th, the question I want our voters to ask themselves is Isn’t it time we have visible, strong and productive representation again?
As I am speaking with you, I am putting together a strong coalition of best brains in Ekiti South, who, together, will join hands with me to help implement our agenda.

What are the LGAs that make up your Federal constituency and is there any zoning arrangement there?
It comprises Six Local Government Areas: Ikere LGA, Ekiti West LGA, Gbonyin LGA, Ise-Orun LGA, Emure LGA, and Omuo-Ekiti LGA.
However, despite the importance of legislature, representation has been the challenge of the people of Ekiti Southern Senatorial District. A good idea, if not well presented, can turn out to hunt the originator. It is painful that in spite of the resources, resourcefulness, intelligence, creativity, prowess, much of Ekiti South strength is yet to be harnessed due to poor legislative representation, especially in the last four years.

I, Otunba Fasae have made a covenant with myself to embark on issue-based campaigns, ensuring that our focus will be on the people, on whose mandate; I will be representing my constituency. Education, economic development, harnessing economic opportunities, accountability and integrity shall be our main focus, ensuring that the dividends of democracy and the true change we all crave for are delivered at our doorsteps through effective legislature.
 Titbit of my legislative agenda is listed below; details shall be made available when the time is ripe -

Education - free and qualitative public education up to the tertiary level for all applicable.
Healthcare – quality and free public healthcare for all indigent citizens in the country
Empowerment – as an individual who believes in the empowerment of the citizenry, we shall legislate job creation through empowerment of indigenous entrepreneurs.
Anti-corruption campaign – we shall legislate to ensure there is zero tolerance for corruption I the nation
Constituency development – since legislators are closer to their domain, we shall legislate to ensure constituency projects are targeted towards economic development, human empowerment.
Security: I shall ensure that quality legislation is made towards adequate protection of lives and properties of the masses regardless of age, tribe or religion, and to make it clear that the life of one citizen is not superior to another.

These and many more shall be my stance

  What are your expectations of the new APC govt in Ekiti?
I have great hope and trust in the government of Dr. Kayode Fayemi which we all fought hard to help achieve towards rejuvenating our dear state. As clearly explained in his campaign message, Dr. Fayemi is coming back to reclaim our lands and help restore our lost values and I have no doubt we shall together achieve this or the people of Ekiti State.

How do you intend to pass a law forbidding the selling of votes if elected into the National Assembly

For me, there is a lot that goes into this particular issue and it is a pain-point. It is a pain-point because it takes away power from the people and thus makes a joke of our democracy. While we shall explore all of the available legislation options for solving this problem, we will attack the root cause which is twofold; Poverty in the land and Poor orientation of the people. That is why we mention in our manifesto that one of our core areas of focus will be reorientation, especially for the youth and poverty alleviation.

 What's your view about the spate of the defection of legislators from one party to another?

I believe some politicians may genuinely have to leave a party due to factors beyond their control. However, when it becomes habitual and uncontrollable, then it shows these politicians lack political ideology and do not stand for anything. I am believing someday soon, our politics will evolve to a state where there will be a clear-cut difference in our core political stand as it is seen with developed nations where we have politicians who are a right and left wing, Democrats and Republicans.

In Conclusion, I believe that my coming into legislature will birth a new era in the Nation’s Parliament. The scripture says that “a righteous man leaves inheritance for his children’s children. I believe we can together build a nation that our generation and the next can pride in. A country where corruption will no longer be a song in the mouth of the citizens, where there can be freedom of rights; to live, to associate etc. I solicit your support in waking this sleeping giant called Nigeria and put her in her rightful position in the comity of nations.


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