Inadequate Resources Responsible for Our low Response to Security Issues - Police

By Femi Oguntayo 

The Head, Nigeria Police Force Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU) Abayomi Sogunle has said, lack of adequate provision of security gadgets and materials such as bulletproof  caused the low response gotten from the police to security issues affecting the public.

He made this revelation today, Tuesday July 3, 2018 while responding to questions from pressmen at the Ado-Ekiti Area Command in Okesha, Ado-Ekiti on Police's nonchalant attitude to security issues around them.

The ASP who was at the area command as part of his visits to all area commands in the state ahead of the July 14 Election claimed the police are also human and that they will only continue to try their best based on the materials available to them.

He was at the command for three purposes, which are; to give them instructions as regards the forthcoming election, to address issues of alleged SARS misconduct and general police misconduct.

He however urged the police to give equal treatment to every political party at their campaigns and rallies, irrespective of their parties. He said, the Nigeria Police would not tolerate any form of misconduct from any officer before, during and after the election.

Taking on Police misconduct, he emphasized that Bail is free and he said, the police should be contended with their little salaries and not charge for bail.

"On no account should Police Officers go on patrol as undercover, that is, without uniform. The only people allowed to do that are the SARS, all those police officers going around as undercover in group calling themselves anti this, anti that should stop. Anyone caught in that act would be dismissed, no matter the rank", he said.

He thus said the officers should not engage in any form of human right abuse. He said, road block was abolished but 'stop and search' activities by the police would continue as it had played a very important role in curbing various criminal acts.

He warned the police not to engage in any form of political activities and that any officer who had interest in joining politics should resign to do so. He thereby emphasized that any misconduct from any police officer, no matter the rank, during and after the election would entail dismissal or prosecution at where due.


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