JKF, A Mobilizer too - Fappy ...Says Ekiti People Already Endourse South For Gov.



 How prepared are you for the APC governorship Primary election which is less than six months?

We started the build up for the election since October 2015, notwithanding let me say very clearly that the preparation is still in progress because preparation can never be enough.
We have been reaching out to delegates and party leaders across the state and I am confident that most of our party faithful trust me to take them to the promise land come 2018.

 Having been moving around the 16 LGAs of Ekiti State, if election is conducted are you sure of victory?

I am divinely and naturally positioned to win this forthcoming election. But I cannot be boastful of victory because it's not by my might, power and not by money but by the choice of God.
Let us look at it, I am from Ekiti South senatorial district and Ekiti people have zoned the Governorship to Ekiti South, I don't really care what some selfish and self centred leaders  think about zoning, Ekiti people have zoned and that is fair and just. Secondly, I am a party man to the core, I have invested my time, resources and energy on this party since the days of Alliance for Democracy in 1999. And the party faithfuls trust me to protect their short, medium and long term interest  having laboured for the party during thick and thin. Thirdly political experience is required to run a sustainable government, without prejudice or sounding immodest,  among all other aspirants from the south, my political experience is above all. The records are in the public domain.

 With your visit to the elders and other stakeholders, do you see the possibility of zoning the APC governorship to the South?

I answered this question earlier, the elders and stakeholders in APC can only align themselves to the will of Ekiti people. And l must salute the elders forum of APC for the courage and character they have displayed by pronouncing that the next Ekiti Governor be zoned to Ekiti South.
Long and Short of it is that Ekiti people have zoned the Governorship to the south and power belongs to the people.

What does the emergence of Fayose's deputy as PDP's favoured candidate portend for your party?

It is a clear signal that  only southern candidate can win next election for APC. This is not rocket science neither is it something you need a prophet to tell that APC will stand no chance against the will of Ekiti people. A word is enough for the wise. Let him that has hears, hear the words of wisdom. But thank God our delegates know better.

From the responses of the delegates in the visited wards, do you forsee any likelihood of highly monetized guber primaries?

Hahaa, I laugh when I hear some aspirants ranting and making empty boast that they will buy up delegates and I ask our delegates if they are bread, rice,  goat or sheep that can be purchased but they always tell me they will stand by their conscience by doing that which is just and right.
Mark my words financial inducement is the least of our delegates' consideration.
The money mongers will be disappointed and outrightly put to shame.

Among your other co - contestant what precisely can you say makes you stand out?

I carry the Grace and the anointing. I am the choice of heaven , the chosen one, The David that God wants to use to pull down and destroy the Goliath raping Ekiti people now. I am the Joshua that God wants to use to pull down the wall of Jericho that will not allow Ekiti to make progress "Itesiwaju Ekiti Fappy Ni o", I am the dynamite to put asunder Ekiti Peter the rock.
Other reasons that stand me out like my integrity, sincerity of purpose and commitment to the development of mankind,  are secondary and I am sure they are known to our delegates and Ekiti people. 

Is there a cordial relationship between you and other aspirants such that whosoever emerges will be accepted?

Some of us that are working towards the same goal are talking, goal to emancipate this generation, goal to rescue the state from the misrule of Fayose, goal to ensure equity, justice and fairness in our polity.  I am friend to all well meaning aspirants. Anyway whosoever emerges under a transparent, free and fair primary should be acceptable to all.

How will you describe the statement that all the guber aspirants of APC including yourself are Mobilizers?

I have seen a lot of criticism trailing Dr Fayemi describing aspirants as mobilzers.  But for me it depends on the interpretations you assign to the statement, Dr Fayemi may be talking about electoral process which only recognises those that pick up party nomination form as aspirant.
Above all, I do not feel slighted by that statement, I am proud to say that I am a party mobilizer and I am aspiring to be the number one mobiliser for our great party.
In fact every party member is a mobilizer.  it does not leave anybody out. Mobilising is a calling of a politician. So, therefore it will not be out of place to say that My Leader Dr Fayemi is also a mobilizer for the party.

What's your comment about the two past governors aspiring to re-contest for the post within your party?

I am only aware of Engr Segun Oni.  who is the second former governor you are referring to? Otunba Niyi Adebayo, Dr Kayode Fayemi or Baba Evangelist Bamidele Olumilua.
Whoever among themwant to run will attract the same response from me.
I have said it before and let me repeat myself.
For any of our past Governors to want  to re-contest is constitutionally right, morally wrong and politically incorrect.
It will portray them as selfish and morally bankrupt leaders, who don't appreciate the opportunity Ekiti had given them to serve once in the midst of so many vibrant leaders and even the positions they occupy presently.
But for me Bamidele Faparusi, I am ready, prepared and willing to take on anybody in this race.
Let me offer my free and unsolicited advice to them, "you have everything to lose if you run"

Any lesson for the  APC in the just concluded PDP National convention?

The lesson is visible for all to see, APC must put his house in order.
The  PDP National convention shows that PDP is Struggling  to give us a good fight come 2019 and we should Not underrate PDP because they still have greater shunk of their loots as you can see $10,000 per delegate for party chairman election.
The only positive side to their convention is that they have confined the party to South South and South East , so it will be correct to say emphatically that PDP is no longer a national party but a region party.


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