Is APC Capable Of Losing Ekiti 2018?

By Olaofe Ogundipe

The reasons why APC lost Ekiti  2014 are varied and self manifest to objective observers. I have never subscribed to the theory of photochromism.

I spoke to many citizens at that time and they told me that the election loss was deserving and attributable to APC becoming complacent, arrogant and self-serving. All metaphors were used to describe purulent arrogance, utter insensitivity and inordinate pursuit of policy agenda the implementation of which was designed to benefit a few people, most of them non-indigenes of Ekiti.

So the popular chorus in 2014 was "Anybody but Fayemi" for that election. But if it was anybody but Fayemi then, why Fayose rather than MOB (Michael Opeyemi Bamidele)? The answer is federal might. We witnessed how the will of the people was subverted in favour of Fayose. In essence, APC lost the election, which was then won by PDP rigging machine.

Does this sound like a contradiction? This is important because the same scenario is playing out for 2018. Over the past few weeks, I have spoken to some electorates, but admittedly by no means representative of those who will vote in 2018. The unanimous response is that it all depends on who becomes the candidate of APC.  The buyer's remorse following the madness that emanated from the governor's house has dissipated. But it gave rise to a new sense of reality.  If you live in Ekiti, you will agree that despite the poverty foisted on the people by Fayose's government and inspite of the state of anarchy pervading Fayose's PDP in Ekiti, APC is capable of losing the election come 2018.

There is a recurrence of the APC's losing syndrome of complacency, arrogance and selfishness. APC has become so complacent that they believe anybody they pick will win.  They have become so selfish that fifty or so candidates believe that they alone can deliver Ekiti from PDP misrule. They believe not in other candidates. Even an ex-governor who lost woefully believes that the sentiment of "anybody but Fayemi" has disappeared. Even candidates hated  by the electorate with visceral passion believe that they only need to turn up at the polling booth as the candidate of their party and they will win. Even a pig draped with APC flag will win. Even a candidate with repugnant reputation inherited from their university days, or from their showing in previous politicking or their renowned arrogance, consider themselves to be the Moses that will deliver Ekiti Israelites from PDP slavery. Any caricature of a leader draped in APC flags will become governor.

APC must be warned, I have consulted the oracle and I have the prophecy. APC is capable of losing the election come 2018.  My oracle tells me that to avoid the impending disaster, APC must be less selfish and must think more about Ekiti than the pursuit of their favoured candidate. An APC candidate, who carries no political baggage and who may not be universally popular amongst APC elites and leaders, will be the winning candidate for the party. My oracle has told me.

This opinion article is by Dr Olaofe Ogundipe, Dean Faculty of Medicine, Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD)


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