JKF & His FB Commissioner: When Loyalty is on Trial

JKF's Commissioner

I was sad to learn authoritatively that Mr Debo Ajayi, a governorship aspirant who was one of the Commissioners appointed by the former Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, disclosed while canvassing for delegates' votes that he was invited via Facebook to come and serve as Commissioner in Ekiti. He reportedly revealed that he and Fayemi went to the same school at UNILAG but weren't in contact for years before he was invited via Facebook to serve as Commissioner.

Not only that l see this statement as an embarrassment to the erstwhile Governor & Minister of Solid Mineral Devt who people considered to have a nag for thoroughness,  it is also an insult to the sensibilities of those more academically & politically qualified people who were with Dr Fayemi through thick and thin but were not as favoured as the likes of Debo Ajayi in the last administration.

Now that this Commissioner who served under Dr Fayemi has declared his intention and he is now moving around canvassing for votes, can we now say that his boss (Dr Fayemi) is not interested in the governorship contest contrary to the campaign by some overzealous self-assigned canvassers or this is simply an act of disloyalty by Debo Ajayi? One thing that's obvious from Mr Ajayi's ambition is that he has ruled out the possibility of actualizing his boss' "unfinished business" in Ekiti.

In any case, nothing is wrong in Debo Ajayi's ambition but people should stop taking others for granted. When he started coordinating the Ekiti South Agenda struggle last year, he feigned neutrality so as to gain acceptance. He even went further to say that people were asking him to come out and contest but that he never gave it a thought. Methinks people shouldn't use pretence as a political weapon to steal the hearts of the people because almost everyone is now wise judging from past experience.

Hmmm.... time will tell whether this political docility that has enveloped JKF family will breed a fruitful result. We are watching!



  1. This write up is totally false. Hon Debo Ajayi was and is still loyal to JFK. For your information, how many former former commissioner won their wards for JFK.

    1. Unfortunately, you guys are doing more damage to DRA than you can think of because with this rebuttal you are doing for him, we shall release his full blast conversation he made with us after the publication where he confessed he apologized to his community for letting them down as a Commissioner being a novice who didn't know what a ward was! You better confirm from him before you condemn this writer who cut his journalism teeth in both national & international newspapers when some of you were still in your kindergarten class. Watch out for the part 2 of that stories

    2. This reply sold the owners of this online gutter press and the said 'arebipa' journalist 'who have cut his journalism teeth in both national & international newspapers' out as nothing but brown envelopes' kindergarten pen jobbers.

      I personally wouldn't know how much you were paid to undertake this worthless hatchet job.

      Let me educate you that there is nothing wrong with being invited via social media for a political appointment; after all, social media is for sharing and passing on information.

      And that DRA said this was never to belittle JKF, but to let his listeners know how he was brought into politics by a well-meaning friend. But for you to have made a whole mountain out of that molehill portrays you as people of questionable characters.

      Your claim that DRA didn't know what a political Ward was prior his appointment is so shameless and disgraceful. How on earth will an Actuarial of many years of international exposures and practice claim or say so?

      If you must know, DRA remains the only impeccable candidate in the race for now because both inside and outside of politics, he had held and can hold his head high, unlike your paymasters who had at various times robbed the electorates.

      We await your other naughty write-ups for which shall respond to them accordingly.

      We will not allow you people to lie to our good people of Ekiti this time around and so give them another person who has nothing to offer.

      DRA we KNOW!
      DRA we TRUST!!
      DRA we WANT!!!

  2. This is clearly a hatchet job and a substandard one at that. Your sponsor should take his money back because it is so obvious. Pitiable, really.

  3. I hope those of us who call ourselves intellectuals can behave with a measure of integrity. No intellectual concerns himself or herself with falsehood.

    Perhaps I give too much credit to the writer calling him an intellectual.
    1. Intellectuals do not revel in falsehood for any personal gain. The writer is peddling rumours and falsehood by claiming that JKF invited DRA on Facebook to become a Commissioner. I have it on good authority of DRA that this is false. The writer betrays commitment to intellectual honesty by reporting falsehood that he knows to be false as though it is true.

    2. Intellectuals concern themselves with what is best for the society. The writer wants JKF to come and complete his unfinished business in Ekiti. JKF started the downward spiral of Ekiti economy by borrowing money that Ekiti could not repay.

    3. Between JKF and DRA as candidates, this writer must know that DRA is infinitely better for Ekiti. JKF has had his chance and we are all witnesses to economic ruins he bestowed on Ekiti. During the last campaign,the slogan was ANYBODY BUT JKF. This slogan remains true and in 2018 and DRA is that person who better than JKF for Ekiti.

    I advise the writer to think of Ekiti progress not moving back to JKF years.

    Laofe Ogundipe.

    1. Laofe, Lol! You have just shot yourself in the leg for three reasons:
      (1). DRA himself has made a confessional statement, recorded by this writer that as at the time of his appointment as a Commissioner he would have preferred been made a Special Adviser. What does this portend to you? It simply means DRA wasn't qualified for that post because he was a political persona non grata in his community as at then

      (2). DRA himself in a more refined response than yours, has given credit to JKF's govt of which he was a part. Doesn't it occur to you that describing JKF govt as a failure simply means your so called DRA is equally a failure as a Cabinet member for trade & industry for that matter, in that govt? Where is your intellect in this puerile analysis of yours?

      (3). As APC is today,from your write up it shows you are a novice who doesn't know that if DRA will win the primary of that party, it is only the structure of this JKF you are condemning that he can lean on? Very unfortunate that you are so politically naive and intellectually incapacitated.


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