‎JKF Centre Hails Buhari's Return, Urges Support For President's Growth Agenda

JKF Centre, a baby of Dr Kayode Fayemi towards youths training and leadership development, has rejoiced with President Muhammadu Buhari on his safe return to Nigeria after three months medical holiday in London.

The centre's solidarity message came as civil society groups in Ekiti State storm the state capital, Ado-Ekiti, tomorrow for a solidarity rally in support of the President.

In a statement in Ado-Ekiti  by its Director, Biodun Omoleye, the centre said it was pleased to have the President back on his desk hale and hearty after unpleasant rumours on his health left Nigerians distraught on the consequences of his long absence in the polity.

He also praised Nigerians for their prayers, noting that the President's return is a prayer answered for a purposeful and disciplined leadership to restore hope and redirect the country towards economic prosperity.

"The return of the President hale and hearty to his seat is a testimony that God loves Nigerians and wants Nigeria to continue to enjoy the disciplined leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari to help restore hope for economic recovery.

"Therefore, the restoration of the President's health is a collective victory over the clouds of uncertainties that hanged over the nation's push for economic recovery and fight against corruption, which are the antidotes to our current socio-economic challenges.

"With the President back on his seat, we urge Nigerians to re-dedicate themselves to the service of the nation in honesty, commitment and discipline required to put the nation on economic sound footing where Nigerians can develop their potentials for collective development and progress of the nation," Omoleye said.  

He said even though the President had a large heart and had forgiven those who wished him dead, he warned "evil-wishers" to change their ways so that they too could enjoy the mercy of God like the President in times they need divine help.

"What we saw in the miraculous recovery of President Buhari is a testimony that no human being can change what God has sealed and it is a proof the evil can't triumph over what God has sealed.

"God loves Nigerians and President Buhari's recovery is a testimony that God's purposes in the lives of Nigerians cannot be reversed by a tiny band of evil-wishers who, in their pursuit of private comfort, will stop at nothing to sabotage the collective destiny and aspirations of the entire country," he said.

 Omoleye, who also urged Ekiti people to turn out in large numbers tomorrow for a solidarity rally for the Nigerian Leader, said the President's recovery had raised hope for unrelenting fight against corruption,  economic recovery and jobs creation among  unemployed youths.

He also urged Nigerians to continue to pray for the President and support him in his transformation agenda to restore hope and spread prosperity among dispossessed Nigerians.

~ Biodun Omoleye (Director)


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