Police Helpless As Robbers Invade AAU

By idowu Adebomi

These are not the best of times for students of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko as men of the underworld have virtually turned the hostels off campus to a war zone while dispossessing the students of their valuables. In the process many sustained various degrees of injury.
The latest is the attack on Bovas filling station where the dare devil robbers made away with millions of Naira. Recently at Particular hostel around 10:00 pm some, miscreants attacked and raped the ladies and carted away laptops and phones

What baffles most people is the fact that the police force seems non chalant unperturbed about these incessant attacks rather the Akungba Divisional police station is focused on running after the yahoo boys which nearly led to altercation between them and the former SUG president Akingbola Odunyemi aka SUE The BASTARD
SUG President
It appears that authorities are confused on how to combat this menace as nothing has been done by them.
All said and done, it is I hoped that the police and the management will find a lasting solutions to this problem


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