Ekiti 2018:A Ding-Dong Fight For Oke-Ayoba

By Tope Amerijoye

It is quite certain that future elections between the ruling party in Ekiti State and the opposition is not going to have resemblance of a friendly match, opposition having lost the leadership of the State to the People’s Democratic Party on June 21, 2014 in an election which was fiercely contested between Dr. Kayode Fayemi and Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose.
 The bandwagon effect of the PDP’s victory at the governorship poll made it to produce the National Assembly members; both the Senate and the House of Representatives, the House of Assembly and the Local Government elections, all won by the People’s Democratic Party. All these are already silently causing jitters of public earth-shaking moves and intrigues across the parties and the political divides.
Within the party circles; youths, students and women are being galvanized to increase the high blood pressure intrigues; and ambush strategies are never in short supply. Civil are Public Servants, Artisans and Independents Association are already being mobilized and cajoled by the Ekiti State ruling party; gauging their impulse to probably preempt the direction they may toe in 2018 governorship election.
It is an inescapable fact that the outcome of  2018 governorship election in Ekiti shall predetermine the direction in which the subsequent elections in the State will follow, as it is almost becoming religiously certain that whichever Party wins the governorship election in 2018 can be having edge to coast home victories at the 2019 Presidential, National Assembly and  House of Assembly polls. This is why considerable efforts are being placed not only on who emerges as the governor of Ekiti but presupposedly who flies the parties flag.
The brinkmanship in all the parties and bashing here and there, against one aspirant or another is not unconnected with this fact and scandal seeking biographers are being paid doing well in destroying other opposing aspirant’s image. It is deducible that many of the party faithfuls in all the parties are sentimentally attached to one aspirant or the other and in there morbid desperation disparaging individual personalities as much as it would guarantee them placement in the next government, once their man emerges as the next Ekiti Governor.
 To many misinformed or uninformed people, the 2018 Ekiti Governorship election is easily predictable as they may wish to say it is certain that their party will win the election. Certainly it would be that easy to aver that either PDP or APC is winning the election without predicating it on number of variables. It will be purely the product of the imagination, spin theories and twisted facts for anybody to say it is certain for a particular Party to win the election without aligning such proof with the happenings in the Parties taking into cognisance the circumstance of schism that is prevailing and ominously hanging on the fortune of the two prominent Parties in Ekiti.
The most certain possibility, is that, the election will throw up the biggest and fiercest contest ever between the two Parties and probably another Party that may likely spring up should the indifferences in either All Progressives Congress or People Democratic Party proved irreconcilable.
The friction, acrimony and hatred plaguing Ekiti State APC, exemplified by sour and in extreme cases belligerent campaigns of calumny from one aspirant camp against another and the seperationist tendencies of some former members of the default ACN, regarding others who left their various Parties to fraternize coalescencely with progressives, making up a formidable All Progressives Congress in Ekiti; as strangers, is quite inimical to the well-being of the Party. All these are incontrovertible testimonies of the abysmally low level of political culture, immaturity, intolerance and lack of humility on the part of the Party members.
One would think as a person; that politics is not an atomistic expression of personalized power rather it is a synergised and socialized power of the dominant majority and it should be expected and advanced that the only fortune that could have a remarkable impact on the chance of Ekiti All Progressives Congress in 2018 Election is to close ranks to form a large aggregate for synergy. One needs to say in furtherance, that the Party leaders imbued with nationalistic fervour and great understanding of the problems in APC should quickly in jiffy initiate a powerful meeting of the stakeholders in Ekiti APC with a view on the pedestal to submerge the differences silently brewing in the Party and coming together to approach the destiny of the Party with one voice.
This has been said at different fora but the analysis from the voodoo politicians who for selfish reason would like others to believe the Party will adjust to reality once the Party governorship candidate emerges is being embraced rather than facing the reality. Some have even said, there is nothing to bother about, premising their argument on Ekiti gate, saying Dr. Kayode Fayemi never lost that 2014 election.
Let us say that is correct, June 2014 election, being an isolated election, security agents were deployed by the then Federal Government to rig the election, what about the House of Assembly, National Assembly and the Presidential election won landslide in other States and lost woefully in Ekiti Stat? One should  think it is time to take a stronger stand against all assumptions and impressions that APC is in order in Ekiti and that whatever problem the Party is having will naturally fizzle out, undermining the empirical reality in favour of the dogma.
There should be a genuine process to reseed APC in Ekiti. The point can hardly be overstated that APC must come together or else the Party chances in 2018 election will be a fleeting mirage. Luckily, the Party is blessed with Political tacticians, astute Politicians, veterans and Political activists who can embark on crusades, mobilization and implementation of serious plans, policies and programmes that can earn the Party the confidence of the masses; as people or masses vote is the lifeblood that could make APC adjudged successful in Ekiti, if not its pernicious consequence could be better imagined.
 It is pertinent to advise that the stakeholders in Ekiti APC need to grapple with the imperative of the initiation of the much needed programmes for the re-invigoration of the Party in Ekiti. Unlike the People Democratic Party, being the ruling Party is being brandished as a Party that is possible to control and amass Ekiti people votes in 2018 election. Looking at the manner in which elections were won in the previous contest by the Peoples Democratic Party, one may want to agree that the party is on ground in Ekiti but the fatal consequence of the leadership of the Party, symbolised by Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose, his totalitarian posture, deriding and ostracising the well-meaning leaders in the Party should not be ignored. It is however a fact that can never be attenuated by any force that Fayose is in charge of PDP in Ekiti. Better still, one may say that having succeeded in vanquishing some notably credible leaders in the Party to Alhaji Alimodu Sheriff and Senator Buruji Kasamu controlled structure of the PDP, in the state and in the shrinking evisceration of the will of the people, there is the domineering positioning of Fayose and his alter.
In Ekiti PDP, everyone must worship and bow in cringing survivalist distastefulness, to be accepted by Fayose. All decisions are being made by Fayose without recourse to anybody. In this distortioning paroxysm; Dr. Peter AyodeleFayose evokes the best of everything. In the Party everyone seems to be a cheerleader, trembling, nodding, clapping and perhaps because of fear and temporary gains, every odious evocation of Fayose is mechanically embraced also by the artisans, civil and public servants, drivers unions and some other Independent Organisation in Ekiti. It is most certain that nobody will dare the imperial exertion of Fayose in choosing his Party flag-bearer.
As it follows, one can say that should Alhaji Alimodu Sheriff win in the Supreme and ultimately confirmed as the National Chairman of PDP, even if Fayose owned Party executives is either legally recongnised or not in Ekiti, it is obvious that he may not have the chance of having his way while Alhaji Alimodu Sheriff is in the saddle as the national chairman, then moving out from the Party becomes an option. The reality then means if Fayose leaves the party, certainly PDP would be abysmally emptied and we may have three parties contesting the 2018 governorship election and if not four Parties taking alliance and coalescence in preparation for the election if the silent schism, like a time bomb in APC, is not careful detonated now, by having all the stakeholders coming together to discuss the wellbeing of the Party.
At this juncture, let us try to look and x-ray the aspirants jostling for the leadership of Ekiti in 2018 election across all Parties and probably figure out what their chance could be in clinching the ticket of their Parties and winning the election. Of course every prospective aspirant should know; that, the candidate of the Party in Fayose controlled PDP; is a Fayose call. Rumours have it that Fayose might settle for his Deputy Governor, Dr. Olusola Eleka, but subterranean moves are being undertaken by Prince Dayo Adeyeye, the spoke person of Markafi led National Caretaker Committee of a faction of People’s Democratic Party to beat Fayose to his game in picking his successor.



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